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Support This Project

If you like NCoda, I'd be glad if you donated any amount of money to me. It would be a nice motivation for me to keep up developing NCoda and supporting FOSS. And if you're interested what would I do with the money, here comes the honest answer: I'd probably buy some IT- or Linux-related t-shirt, a Linux game, a piece of hardware, maybe a book or something like that, just the computer stuff, you know. Thanks.


Subversion (current testing version)

I'm currently working on a brand new, rewritten-from-scratch version: NCoda 2. You can download it with a Subversion client:

svn co ncoda-trunk
or browse the Subversion repository in your web browser. Beware, it is work in progress, but it should work fine most of the time. However, it doesn't support converting between non-wav formats yet, only decoding (to wav) and encoding (from wav). Also, the behavior and options changed a lot, so you should read the help or this usage help page first. It does not operate on directories anymore, by the way.

Old stable

0.7.7 [.tar.bz2|.tar.gz|.zip]
0.7.5 [.bz2|.gz|.zip]

Old testing

0.7.9 [.tar.bz2|.tar.gz|.zip]
0.7.6 [.bz2|.gz|.zip]
0.7.3 [.bz2|.gz|.zip]
0.7.2 [.bz2|.gz]
0.7.1 [.bz2|.gz]


0.7.9 (02/04/2006)
* various improvements (I've forgotten the details)

0.7.7 (18/03/2006)
* second stable version
* only a few minor changes in code:
* function die() { echo "$@"; exit 1; }
* fixed some cdda2wav exception

0.7.6 (08/03/2006)
* now it does not run [en/de]coder, if given input missing
* few exceptions
* supports cdda2wav

0.7.5 (27/02/2006)
* first stable version
* wma2wav works again and it's bit faster than before
* configuration file
* lots of testing

0.7.3 (24/02/2006)
* Encoding through FIFO pipe:
  aac2mpc, aac2mp3, aac2ogg, flac2mpc, flac2mp3, flac2ogg,
  mpc2mp3, mpc2ogg, mp32mpc, mp32ogg , ogg2mpc , ogg2mp3
* A few minor changes in the code

0.7.2 (23/02/2006)
* It shows what converting process will begin
  i.e. WAV >> OGG
* wav2aac works again - typo
* Some minor changes

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